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Birth Pool Hire


Eco Birth Pool - Regular

Birth Pool in a Box is the most popular choice for women seeking the safest, most comfortable birth pool that is recommended by midwives.

Birth Pool in a Box is a personal use birth pool that comes with one disposable single use liner. The pool is made from eco-friendly material (0.38mm eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free) and meets EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates.

The pool has 2 sets of top handles perfectly positioned to help you control your movement in labor. Birth Pool in a Box is designed without internal handles to avoid obstructing full movement. The pool also has an integrated cupholder (cup not included) which helps with hydration during labor.*

Hire Details


Eco Birth Pool - Regular hire includes:

  • 3 week hire.

  • Birth Pool.

  • Pool liner.

  • Pool Pump.

  • Pool hose.

  • Hose/tap attachments.

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