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My name is Alison. Originally from Campbelltown, NSW. I am a Gamilaraay woman, wife and mother of 5 children. My family and I live in Ipswich, QLD. From May 2022-Feb 2023 my family and I were travelling Australia in our 40 foot bus to support women who had chosen to have an unassisted free birth. I have been on a long journey to understand pregnancy, birth and motherhood and that journey has led me to be a Birth Keeper and Birth Photographer supporting only unassisted free birthing mothers. 

In 2013, I had my first daughter, Aurora, in hospital. It was an induction for a "big" baby. Aurora was 4kg at birth. Healthy and beautiful. I had planned for a home birth with my 2nd child, Ezra. But after a suspected DVT and a long-haul flight from the USA at 37 weeks, I was quickly diagnosed with a 53cm blood clot in my left leg. I was induced at 39 weeks and birthed Ezra in hospital. Ezra was 3.9kg at birth. Healthy and handsome. After a lot of healing, counselling and research, I was adamant that birthing my next baby would be at home, and I would put it in Jesus' hands to guide myself and my husband along the way. I had chosen my care and what services I needed from the beginning. I did not have any ultrasounds during my pregnancy. I had a wonderful free birth at home, where I birthed my twin boys at 34 weeks. Zoel was 2.6kg & 51cm, and Zion was 3kg and 50cm. Both healthy and handsome. They both needed minimal breathing assistance, and as a capable and educated mother, I provided them with Neo-natal resus then shortly after birth we transferred. In 2023 I free birthed my 5th babe, Isabella. She was 4.6kg and 56cm. You can listen to my full birthing stories on my podcast, Free Birth with Jesus.

I have continued to be inspired by the strength of women and the miracle of birth. This is why I am a Birth Keeper and Photographer and I am proud to serve women and their families who have chosen to have an unassisted free birth.

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